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CNN and Andrew Kaczynski, head of the network’s Republican oppo research unit “KFILE,” gave a misleading defense after receiving an intense backlash to a Sunday night post boasting that he had tracked down and identified a man who claimed credit for a gif shared by President Donald Trump — and that CNN may reveal his…

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Great Article By Daniel Greenfield

2,000 cases. That was the most overlooked revelation to come from the testimony of the former FBI director. While the media parsed every Comey hiccup to bolster its election conspiracy theories, it ignored that number. Comey stated that there were around 2,000 terrorism investigations. 1,000 of those came from “home grown violent extremism” with no…

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The Muslim Brotherhood Threat

Red Millennial

While many on both sides of the political isle dismiss it as  unimportant and give this issue little to no time in political debates, we continue, as a nation, to face an ideological threat. While some dismiss the threat of Islamism altogether as over-hyped, others point the finger of blame at America for fueling the fans of hatred. These claims are not new; in fact the left repeated these talking points in the days and weeks after 9/11. In an important documentary anti communist cold warrior and member of the Reagan administration Frank Gaffney explores the Islamist infiltration of parts of both parties and multiple administrations. Gaffney reveals that in fact the goal of Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliates is a caliphate and a defeat of the West. In other words like the communists before them, Islamo-fascism remains the ideological threat of our time. And the only…

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Impact of Islamist Belgium Attack On Elections

Red Millennial

By now it has sadly become clear that Islamic radicalism poses a clear and present danger to the Western World. In the aftermath of the most recent Islamist caused bloodbath it is clear where the candidates and on this critical issue. This issue should be a defining one for the election as security is the primary responsibility of the federal government. As a result Clinton, Sanders and Kasich are of the list of those who feel Islamist terrorism should be confronted and the threat should be called out.

In the aftermath of the brutal attack in Belgium Clinton was quick to lecture against judging all Muslims. Instead of calling on Muslims to reign in the evil in their midst Clinton like Obama and much of the left was lecturing Westerns who live in fear of terrorist attacks. Clinton has refused to even acknowledge the problem with the current vetting process of Muslim…

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The Case For Ted Cruz

Red Millennial

For years Republicans have felt the establishment has sold them out. Whether on immigration, The Iran Deal, Obamacare or a host of other important issues the voters have felt the establishment has surrendered Obama’s agenda instead 0f standing for Reagan conservatism.  Ted Cruz has proven he is conservative and has stayed conservative not morphed into a Washington insider. He has shown that he is someone those who are tired of establishment back room deals and games can unite behind.

On Obamacare he vowed to those who voted for him as Senator in Texas to defeat Obamacare and to oppose its implementation. As promised he put up a tremendous battle to stop Obamacare which many in the tea party and grassroots favored. Instead of acquiescing to the left-wing agenda and Obamacare like some in what he calls the “Washington Cartel” he put up tremendous opposition and showed his constituents that he follows through.

On amnesty he recognizes the importance of the rule of law as well…

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Islamism And The 2016 Election

Red Millennial

By now, we have heard almost all the political pundits and politicians recite the standard canon to the effect of “I will be tough on ISIS,” “destroy ISIS” or “defeat ISIS.” While this is the right approach, it is not complete. ISIS is one evil branch of a very evil ideology. This ideology is Political Islam, known as Islamism. Experts like Frank Gaffney, Andrew McCarthy and Robert Spencer have talked much about the threat of Sharia and its adherents. Unfortunately, the presidential front-runners are too often preoccupied with the symptom rather than the cause.

The root cause of ISIS,Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Hizballah and Hamas amongst many other groups is a desire to kill infidels and conquer in the name of Islam. With the notable exceptions of Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and to an extent Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, this ideology has not been given the attention it deserves.

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Immigration is the Key to Winning the White House in 2016

Red Millennial

Based on the results from New Hampshire one thing is clear, populism is in full swing. Americans have rejected the establishment. They are in favor of Cruz, Trump and Rubio on the right and Sanders on the left. Americans are tired of having jobs outsourced, of trade deals that don’t benefit America the way they should, and of politicians that won’t acknowledge the threat coming from some in the Islamic world. More than any other issue however, immigration is the issue which unites the American working class.

Americans are tired of an immigration system which does not benefit America. Trump has made this a cornerstone of his campaign, and by doing so he has won Reagan democrats to his side. Cruz as well has stood strong in opposing Obama’s executive amnesty, as well as  opposing a pathway to citizenship for those illegally in this country. In doing so, he has rallied Steve King, a key pro-American immigration…

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We The People

We The People

Red Millennial

The American people have spoken. The people want accountability in Washington. This is why Donald Trump draws such massive crowds, why Ted Cruz is doing well in the polls and Rubio is a major contender. It may be cliché but it has been said this is not a typical election cycle. The people want to take America back and restore its ideals for The American citizen.

The consultant class and what Senator Cruz calls the “Washington Cartel” are shocked to see outsider non establishment candidates doing so well. The everyday Americans are rejecting the establishment they want a drastic reversal of the leftist Obama policies.

Could it be that Americans are tired of trade deals that don’t benefit America, of jobs being outsourced instead of being brought back to the heartland and of immigration policies that don’t benefit the American economy? After San Bernardino and Paris as well as the…

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FBI Pulls Faces of Global Terrorism Ad Because It Features Too Many Muslims


By Daniel Greenfield


Why couldn’t we catch the Boston Marathon bombers? Here’s Exhibit 1.

Not only can’t we catch Muslim terrorists, we can’t even talk about them. I guess we’ll just have to wait around until the Buddhists or the Amish fly two planes into the World Trade Center and then the FBI can put the ad back up with their faces on it.

Until then…

The FBI says it’s pulling some advertisements off buses in the Seattle area, after some people complained that they stereotyped Muslims.

The ads, which began running this month in connection with a State Department program, features pictures of 16 men wanted around the globe for terrorist activities below the words: “Faces of Global Terrorism.”

Among those criticizing the ads was U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle, who suggested they gave the impression that “terrorism only comes from one religion or one color of…

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Obama and Islamist Infiltration

Red Millennial

Recently as has been reported Obama exchanged 5 major Taliban terrorists for a U.S. soldier who deserted his post and is reported to have denounced America.

To make matters even stranger, his father made an announcement in Pashtu for Islam at the White House with Obama smiling on. Some, such as Allen West, have even said that the soldiers father was claiming the White House for Islam.

This follows a pattern of pandering and weakness towards Islamists and the Arab world by the Obama administration. Here is an expert and former Reagan administration official explaining the source of Islamist influence and 5th column behavior from within this administration.

This lengthy video about the Muslim Brotherhood in America explains a great deal of reasons for certain policies of the Obama administration

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