The Need for A Moral Compass in the Israeli Crisis

Red Millennial

It seems that many in the left wing media, as well as many at the UN, have not only avoided the lessons of history, but have shown a lack of a moral compass in the recent Islamist onslaught on Israel. As it says in the book of Isaiah, “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good.” We are indeed living in such a time. As Muslims worldwide vent their anti-Western and anti-Jewish anger, rioting in the once great centers of Paris, London and Constantinople(Istanbul), the left wing media and UN statesmen blame Israel and call for them to stop defending their citizens.

This Islamist led bloodbath began with the kidnapping and brutal of three teenagers in Israel by Islamists, as well as continued rocket attacks on Israeli population centers. Israel then responded with an air campaign against the Hamas terror group. Hamas, a group who’s charter calls for…

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Governor Rick Perry sends Texas National Guard to Border

Red Millennial

In an attempt to curb and control the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants into the United States, Texas Governor Rick Perry has activated the Texas National Guard and deployed them (up to 1,000 troops) to the Texas-Mexico border.

Fox News Austin, TX– Perry, a vocal critic of the White House’s response to the border crisis — and who is mulling a second presidential run in 2016 — said the state has a responsibility to act after “lip service” from the federal government.

He rejected suggestions that Texas was militarizing local communities by putting National Guard troops on the ground or that crime data along the border doesn’t justify additional resources.

The deployment will cost Texas an estimated $12 million a month. Texas Adjutant General John Nichols said his troops would simply be “referring and deterring” immigrants and not detaining people — though Nichols said the National Guard could if…

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VIDEO Pro-Illegal Agitators Arrested – Riot police dispatched & Existential’ National Security Threat & Bill To Fix

Reclaim Our Republic

-California Protesters Force Third Round Of Illegals To Turn Around
-Riot police dispatched to deal with immigration critics, but it was pro-amnesty activists who caused the unrest
-Top General: Border Crisis ‘Existential’ National Security Threat
-Arizona rep’s bill would allow speedy return of child immigrants
-Krauthammer: ‘If Fences Don’t Work, Why Is There One Around the White House?’
-Militia Creates Human Blockade on Texas Border to Stop Illegal Immigration
modern Border patrol
July 7, 2014 by B. Christopher Agee

As Western Journalism reported, a group of protesters in Murrieta, Calif. recently blocked three buses attempting to drop off illegal immigrants at the city’s Border Patrol station. Since that demonstration last week, subsequent shipments have been dispatched to the city – and similarly blocked by a growing number of protesters.

The third planned drop-off, which would have injected the community with about 140 illegals from holding facilities in Texas, was met Monday by a…

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Gang of Violent Muslims Viciously Attack Canadian Vigil for 3 Jewish Boys Murdered by Palestinian Muslims (Video)

sharia unveiled

Muslims Attack Canadian Jewish Vigil 1

Pictured above is a Muslim radical that punched a man in the face who was just standing off to the side with a camera.

Thank you to: Pamela Geller | Blazing CatFurFreedom Outpost | h/t Don Veley

Canadians gathered together to hold a vigil for the 3 Jewish boys that were viciously slain by Palestinian Muslims in Gaza. A gang of violent Muslims decided to show up and attack the peaceful assembly…

Video courtesy of: Blazing Catfur

Video courtesy of: Blazing Catfur

Video courtesy of: Blazing Catfur

Video courtesy of: uri kronenblut

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Massachusetts professor wants to know what’s holding up Syrian flow to US

Refugee Resettlement Watch

In a letter to the editor, professor Robert McAndrews (Salem State U.) wants to know what is stopping Obama from flinging open the gates to America for Syrians.

I would like to know that too (not that I want it! McAndrews obviously does), because in the face of lobbying pressure we haven’t seen on the refugee front since they beat George Bush into submission on Iraqi refugees, Obama hasn’t made a move that we know of.

McAndrews even points out that the deadline for Syrians in the US to sign up for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has come and gone some months ago.  Readers, they should take the word “temporary” out of TPS because how it works is that any Syrian in here for any reason when the turmoil began in Syria can apply for TPS and frankly stay forever!  TPS is not supposed to be available for anyone sneaking…

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Senators push for more “temporary” refugees—Syrians this time

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has turned into a joke.  Maybe there were good intentions behind the idea of giving “temporary” refuge to people in the US (legally or ILLEGALLY) when their home country was embroiled in war or had been recently hit by a natural disaster, but now it has become one more backdoor amnesty.

I’ve written several posts recently at Potomac Tea Party Report and here at RRW about TPS for Salvadorans, Guatemalans andSyrians.

So what is the problem?  They never go home!  As I have oft repeated, ‘there is nothing quite so permanent as a temporary refugee’ (Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies).  And, by the way, “temporary” refugees are given work permits and can do anything a US citizen can do except vote (and they are probably doing that too!).

Now here is Fox News telling us that six US Senators are pushing Obama…

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