The Threat of ISIS is the Threat of Islamists

Red Millennial

While Kerry,Obama and the Islamic apologists seek excuses and diversions, the truth is that saying Islam is a peaceful religion a million times will not make it so. From day one, this administration and its fellow establishment allies in Washington have sought to isolate the many Islamic threats in the world, and make it seem ISIS is different from Al Qaeda, which is different from Hizballah, and Hamas, which is different from Boko Haram.

In fact while tactically there are variations these terrorists groups share a commitment to terror in the name of Islam and to establish Islamic law through force. ISIS did not invent beheading; Al Qaeda had beheaded Daniel Pearl and Islamist groups have a history of beheadings throughout the Middle East and Muslim world.

Viewing ISIS in isolation is a recipe for disaster, for while Obama,Kerry and the politically correct elite would have us believe we are…

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