The Pen Is Mightier Than The Vote: Executive Amnesty

The Conservative Patriot

Obama-shoes-3The Mid-Term elections concluded with a clear voice from the American citizen that the President’s policies were not being supported. Among these was the talk about Executive Amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Unlike Bill Clinton who moved to the center after a similar election, our President only heard the 2/3rds of voters who did not vote as he is not doing enough for his base.  The first major result of this arrogance? The President had a pen and he knew how to use it. Once again skirting around Congress to make them irreverent. I was asked why did he not wait for the new Congress to be sworn in, give them a bit of time to come up with a bill for him to sign? (or not). His Executive Amnesty was for more than one reason. One being: to NOT allow the Republican Congress to pass a bill on Immigration reform…

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Black Sheriff Explains Why Obama Is Responsible For ‘Reopening’ Racial Wounds

The Informed Conservative

In a recent appearance on ‘The Kelly File,’ Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. reacted to recent polling that shows more than six in 10 voters believe race relations have worsened since Barack Obama became president.

“It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades, I should say,” he told Fox News host Megyn Kelly, “and he reopened it with his divisive politics.”

Though Clarke concluded Obama was able to turn his “divide and conquer strategy” into two successful presidential campaigns, he said “it’s been very destructive for America.”

Under the leadership of the nation’s first black president, many Americans hoped for an ease in racial tensions. Clarke pointed out, however, that Obama ushered in an even more hostile environment.

“Who would’ve thought that after the election of the first black president in the history of the United States,” he asked, “that…

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Liberal Leaders Fail Police- Result? Barbarism

The Conservative Patriot

nypd_1logo1De Blasio is not alone. Yes, he is in a position of authority, but his criticism of the NYPD and police in general is shared with Barak Obama, Eric Holder, and a huge amount of people in a position of authority. The police have our backs, but who has theirs? Our leaders should, but they do not. When the NY policeman turned their backs on De Blasio as he walked down the corridor of the hospital the two assassinated police officers were taken to, I felt such support in my heart for the policemen. Yet, De Blasio believes as many do, that cops are a big problem. I say they are not. De Blasio and his ilk are. Yes, many of you reading this may think that is an obvious conclusion, but being they are in a position of authority, things are about to get worse.

De Blasio will not…

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Lone wolf: Muslim convert with ‘terroristic’ rap sheet ambush and executes two NYPD cops

The Muslim Issue

Muslims play on propaganda and conflict. They initiated and started the riots in Missouri, painting a notorious criminal as a victim of police violence. This is all part of the endless Islamist hatred of America: to divide and create tensions, financial ruin, and aggression everywhere within the “Big Satan” and fold it from within. Now when millions of Muslims are in living in the country it is no longer difficult for them to initiate campaigns to deceive people what their true motives are about.

Half of the police force is black, so what racism and discrimination are they referring to? Cops are not suppose to stop criminals anymore?


Two NYPD officers shot dead in ‘ambush’ sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about ‘revenge’ killing cops (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Ismaaiyl Brinsley fired at the officers in their squad car outside of the Tompkins Houses…

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Two Minneapolis men charged in attempt to join ISIS Jihadists

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Isn’t it funny (not!) that the headline everywhere on this story calls them “Minneapolis men.”  There is surely not one headline with the words ‘Somalis we raised with our tax dollars give us the finger, join Jihad!’ 

Actually, when you read the story in the Minneapolis Star Tribuneyou can see that one of the two actually succeeded in getting out of the US and is charged in absentia.

Abdi Nur got away and is believed to be in Syria. Taxpayer-funded eye glasses?

For me, it is really simple, let them go and then rescind their passports so they cannot return to America—ever!  That would really send a message!

What are we going to do with this guy—Abdullahi Yusuf—give him a slap on the wrist, put him in jail (at great expense) for a few years and have this angry wannabe jihadist hanging around Minneapolis?

We have followed this…

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