The Muslim Brotherhood Threat

Red Millennial

While many on both sides of the political isle dismiss it as  unimportant and give this issue little to no time in political debates, we continue, as a nation, to face an ideological threat. While some dismiss the threat of Islamism altogether as over-hyped, others point the finger of blame at America for fueling the fans of hatred. These claims are not new; in fact the left repeated these talking points in the days and weeks after 9/11. In an important documentary anti communist cold warrior and member of the Reagan administration Frank Gaffney explores the Islamist infiltration of parts of both parties and multiple administrations. Gaffney reveals that in fact the goal of Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliates is a caliphate and a defeat of the West. In other words like the communists before them, Islamo-fascism remains the ideological threat of our time. And the only…

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